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September 7, 2013
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Yokai: "Yokai is a general term used to describe many creatures in Japanese mythology, it is synonymous with demons of Western folklore. Like the yurei they are collectively considered obake.

They can be split into human transformations, object transformations, animal transformations, elemental transformations and other transformations."

- - -

You had followed your saviour into some kind of black hole that had an odd a sloppy O with an X crossing through. You opened your eyes to see you were in some kind of…mansion. You wanted to hop in delight, but decided against.

“Where are we?” You asked, eyeing the details of the large house.

“This would be my owner’s house. He lives with a few other people, and they are really cool. You don’t need to mind them. Well, at least stick next to me, and try not to get hurt.” He looked over his shoulder as he trotted up the stairs, you following. You sighed as you rolled your eyes.

“You know I can defend myself, right?” You told him as he stopped at the top of the stairs. He made a sound as if he was chuckling, a rusty sound emitting from his scarlet and black chest.

“It didn’t look like that when that other dog tried to kill you.” He said matter-of-factly. Before you could snap at him with a sarcastic comment, a voice interrupted your comeback.

“Hey Smile-“A pale boy stepped out of a room, eyeing your small doggy form.

“Smile where did you find…” He looked at your collar as his charcoal pupils grew wide.

“(Y/n)…i-is that really you?” He started to shake as you grew more confused.

                                                                ~Jeffy’s Flashback time!”

You barked cutely, your floppy ears moving with your bounce as people walked by, the ones noticing you looked in disgust as they saw your weirdly colored eyes. It hurt, and it wasn’t your damn fault that the jerk put a curse on you! Yes, even though you were only 4 years old, you had that damned collar.

The man put a curse on you because your mother had died giving birth to you, leaving your pitiful father to blame you for your mother’s death. He abused you, and his newly found drinking problem only made it worse. The one day you had planned your run-away your father put a curse on a color, than put it on you, saying:
“If you act like an ugly dog, than you should be one.”

You sat down, exhaling through your nose. Nobody would ever want you. Ever. You needed to face the facts, who would like a dog like you. A voice snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Hey, Liu! Come look over here!” A male with deep blue eyes and choppy brown hair looked at you with a slight smile on his face. Another person came up, slightly shorter than the one that called him. He had pretty blue eyes just like the brother, you assumed, but with shorter hair and it was blonde.

“What is-?” he looked at you and smiled slightly. They liked you? You must be dreaming, or another curse was put on the collar and you choked to death and you were now in heaven. That had to be it…right? He picked you up out of your small pin, and his smile grew wider as he looked at you.

“Liu, do you think we should get her?” He turned away, looking at the blonde who nodded in agreement as your tail wagged furiously. You were going with someone! Someone who actually liked you! If you were back in human form, you would have tackled the two in a bone-crushing hug, but you couldn’t, sadly. The boys quickly walked over to you assumed to be their mother, in which she gave you a questioning look. The man in the blue uniform gave her some papers, and…money was it? They put you in a cage, you didn’t mind one bit, all you knew is that somebody actually wanted you to be with them, and if being in a cage was one of the things you had to do, you wouldn’t care. The trip was easy, except for the fact of the yelling about how I was going to corporate with their father because I looked ‘weird’ making you scrunch up your nose.

“Hmph, your weird lady.” You sighed under your breath, you could still talk In human language, but it would you even more unlikeable, so you don’t do it often. The blonde boy, ‘Liu’, turned to you, raising an eyebrow.

“Jeff did you hear something?” He asked, snapping the brown haired boy out of the “lovely” conversation he was having with his mother. He shook his in a no, looking towards you

It had been three years since the two brothers had chosen you from the pet shelter and you couldn’t wish for anything better. Until the one day that is.

Their mother announced they were moving.

And you couldn’t come.

Cue heart being ran over, ripped in half, and shred into tiny pieces that could never be repaired. The two stared wide eyed as they looked to you and back to their mother, doing it many times. By now, the silence was killing you. You couldn’t take it.

“What…? I thought this wouldn’t happen again. I thought I would be dead before I was left alone again!” You screeched, talking in English as the fur on your body stood up. The family stared wide eyed at you.

“Are you just trying to kill me like every other person else on this planet?! You never liked me from the start! At least those two have the decency to actually be nice to someone!” You whipped around to face the mother, who was now trembling. Well you were too, in rage and sadness. You thought somebody had finally wanted to keep you. Well, you were wrong once again. You quickly ran through the door that was open because of them moving boxes.

                                                                              ~Flashback end~

You sucked in air as you looked back up at Jeff. Smile looked completely and utterly confused as he watched Jeff pull you into a tight hug. You growled as he set you down.

“W-why did you leave me?” You hesitantly looked up, forgetting about the dog that was now slightly angered and still confused. The murder just sighed and stroked your (Color) fur.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered. You nodded and smiled, but inside, you were crying like a child. Jeff never said sorry. EVER.

“Sorry to brake the reunion, but how can you speak like a human?” Smile growled as you sighed. Of course this would be brought up.

“Well, before Jeff had chosen me from the pet shelter, I-I was abused by my father. I am actually a human, but my father knows black magic stuff. H-he blamed me for my mother’s death when was I was born, and abused me. He put this collar on me, which has two curses.” You pointed a sharp-nailed paw at your collar.
“The first one is that I was turned into a dog, because h-he said that if I-I looked like a dog, that I should really be one. A-and the second one is immortality, so I have to suffer my life in this body. I could never get the collar off. A-and remember when you tried to give me a bath and my collar wouldn’t come off?” You chuckled as you held back tears that were burning your eyes. Smile and Jeff stared wide eyed at you.

“We need to get that collar off then.” A different voice said. You turned to see a faceless man, who was incredibly tall. You nodded and let out a shaky breath.
“I wish. I’ve tried too many times to count.” Jeff just chuckled.

“Were going to try as many times as you need, (Y/n).”
I'm SORRRRRRRRRRY! This was horrible. I had no inspiration what-so-EVER

And it was also 1:00 in the morning when I finished this....

It SUCKED. Anyways, I think I'm turning this into a small series, and speaking of that, The Jeff the Killer x Tomboy will also be out soon. Sorry, I'm really caught up in school. Damn you Homework, DAMN YOU! But, I paln on getting inspiration later, when I stare at my dog, waiting for him to give me ideas.

Part 1:…
Part 2: You're here!
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
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yuki1112 Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay I wanna get this damn collar off!
XxAndybiersack Feb 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It's cool how you made Jeff fond of reader-chan! Great job on the story keep up the good work! 
Im confused. Neko mean cat but why am i barking
I know, I messed up. I couldn't really find something for half dog/human.

I remember one person made some like Halfdog!Reader, but I didn't want to copy
I got soo confused but i think some one put InuReader and i google inu it mean dog . Mabey you can use that by the way loved your story.    People dont have much of smile dog .
Yep! Thanks for the info, I might change it to that or try something else.

But thanks for the nice comment,too!
I think your soo badass for some reason

Yes, yes I am.

*Removes glasses*

Thanks. You're awesome too :3
When i read this i was giggling and jumping on my bed till my mom walked in it was soo AWKWARD
Haha C:

I have moments like that.

I once read something, and I laughed so hard and when my dad came in, he thought i was having a seizure :3
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