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January 19


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You and the other Creepypastas, being Slenderman, Jeff, BEN, Masky and Hoodie, and Jack, sat around a table thinking of ideas. It was currently game night, and none of you had thought of what to play. Then Jeff suddenly stood up, making all eyes turn towards him.

“How about we play Truth or Dare?” You all agreed, standing up and heading for the couch

                                     -Fifteen second Timeskip-

“Ok, who goes first?” You asked, looking around the circle that had been created.

“I’ll go.” Slender implied as you nodded.

“Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” You pondered for a while, thinking of a good truth. You smirked as one came to mind.

“If you were to choose anyone for a threesome, who would it be?” You heard several snickers as Slenderman’s face lit up like a red lightbulb. He stuttered, clasping his bony white hands. You tried to not laugh, your lips in an awkward downward motion.

“T-That is a highly personal question!” He squeaked, which made you laugh for a moment. BEN elbowed him in the side with a large Cheshire-cat smile.

“Come on, Slender? Who would you like to have sexy times with? It could be a guy if you want, we won’t judge.” Jeff laughed harder, his face looking weird as tears formed at the edge of his eyes. You snorted as Slenderman put his hands on his face. He mumbled something that only BEN could hear; making him laugh harder as Slender suddenly got up and walked off.

“What did he say?” Jack asked quietly, chuckling.

“H-He said M-M-Megan Fox and B-Beyoncé!” You BEN laughed harder, clutching his sides as Jeff roared with laughter. You gasped, standing up towards the kitchen where Slender stormed off towards.

“Slender! It’s perfectly fine! But Beyoncé, really? She is way out of your league.” You tapped your chin, hearing the laughter from the five guys behind you.

“Anyway, it’s your turn!” You dragged him back out, wondering if he was going to pass out anytime soon from lack of blood anywhere else in his body besides his face. You made him sit down, and whispered something in his ear.

“BEN, Truth or Dare?”


“I dare you to put a bowl of ice cubes in your underwear.” A small ‘oh snap’ came from you as BEN’s face drained of color. He gulped as you looked towards Slender, who you could imagine having a large smirk on his face as the elf headed towards the fridge. A few minutes after, he came back with a bowl full of mini ice blocks. He stood near the T.V, lifting up his dress-like shirt lightly, and letting the ice cubes fall into his pants. He shrieked, dropping the plastic bowl and running around like a dog chasing it tail. Jeff once again howled with laughter, head leaning on Jack and carved smile starting to bleed. You sucked your teeth, hearing the snorts and snickers from Hoodie and Masky.

“Won’t that affect his junk in the trunk?”

“I’m sure it will, but I don’t mind because having to see BEN’s offspring running around here will give even me nightmares.” Slenderman responded. After a few minutes of BEN screaming and everybody else’s loud laughing, the ice finally melted. BEN glared at you.

Your turn.
Request from ~iluvcreepypastas
I'm having a lot of motherfuckin fun writing these

Shit is about to hit the fan while BEN's testicles freeze.

After one Powerade, chasing the cat because she keeps jumping up and grabbing the damn mouse and running off, and many music PMV,AMVS, and MEPS, I finally got this shit done.

I do not own any of the Creepypastas
You own you
I own the plot
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Lol the ice cubes are funny as hell man BEN is probably even more scared when it melted
jeffxjess Apr 4, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
Hehehe that was hilarious. I loved it. :)
JeffDaKillasGF Mar 24, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Timepunk: Bens probably pissed at me
Numnum12 Mar 24, 2014  New member Student Artist
Awh damn BEN...don't scar me for life...oh who am I kidding, we all know he will!!
Iiiiii am soooo going to use these now!!!!!XD
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